Andrei Khadanovich

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Andrei Khadanovich (in Belarusian Андрэй Хадановіч) was born in Minsk in 1973. Since his first collection in the early 2000s he has been one of the central figures in Belarusian poetry. His work is characterized by linguistic diversity and stylistic experiment. Khadanovich aligns himself with the high points of Eastern European poetry but does not hesitate to integrate pop-culture elements from Rock music, Rap and urban street slang into his poetry. He is also a singer himself. The videos of his street readings and concerts spread like wildfire through social media during the mass protests in Belarus in 2020. Khadanovich translates from French, English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. His own poetry has been translated into 15 languages, with single-author volumes being published in Poland, Sweden and the Ukraine. He teaches French Literature at the Belarusian State University in Minsk. His critical essays reflect the state of Belarusian poetry year by year. His many activities are indispensable for the functioning of the literary scene. He is a member of the Belarusian PEN and Writers’ Association.

Publications (selection):
Škola travy (Grass School). Knihazbor, 2019.
Ciahnik Chicago-Tokio (Chicago-Tokyo Train). Lohvinaŭ, 2016.
Natatkitatki, knihavieršaŭdliadziaciej (Fathers Notebook, Childrens Poems). Medyjal, 2015.
Niesymetry čnyjasny (Asymmetrical Dreams). Lohvinaŭ, 2010.
Berlibry (BerLibres). Lohvinaŭ, 2008.
From Belarus with Love. Fakt, 2005.
Listy z-pad koŭdry (Letters from beneath the Blanket). Lohvinaŭ, 2004.
Ziemliaki, albo Biełaruskiya limeryki (Compatriots, or Belarusian Limericks). Lohvinaŭ, 2004.

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