Eduard Escoffet

Eduard Escoffet (c) Federica Danzi & Michele Battilomo

Eduard Escoffet was born in Barcelona in 1979. He is a poet and visual/sound artist and has worked in different facets of poetry (visual and written poetry, installations, oral poetry, poetic action), but focused his interests on sound poetry and poetry readings. He has performed in poetry festivals and events all around Europe, in China, the United States, South Africa and many countries in Latin America. His main influences come from French poésie sonore (Bernard Heidsieck, François Dufrêne), Swedish text-sound (Sten Hanson, Åke Hodell, Ilmar Laaban), concrete poetry (Eugen Gomringer, Noigandres, Öyvind Fahlström) and other authors such as Brion Gysin and bpNichol, as well as techno culture and medieval literature. Starting from an exploration of the body, the voice and the text, his texts expand into territories such as politics, sex and architecture, with special attention to their political meaning.

Commissioned by various institutions, he has created different sound and audiovisual pieces for Leeuwarden Culture Capital 2018, Caixaforum Barcelona (2019) and Matera Culture Capital 2019, for which he created “Cos endins”, a VR film with videoartist Gianluca Abbate. The film was awarded at Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2020. He is now member of the band Barba Corsini.

Menys i tot. LaBreu, 2017.
Escala (Album). Produced by Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot) and including collaborations with Lydia Lunch and Arnaldo Antunes, 2015.
El terra i el cel. LaBreu, 2013. Published in Spanish as Suelo y cielo. Arrebato Libros, 2018.
Gaire. Pagès Editors, 2012.
Pols (Album). With the electronic music band Bradien. Pols, 2012.
Estramps. with artist Evru, 2011.

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