Kralj Čačka


Nenad Marić, better known under his pseudonym Kralj Čačka (King of Čačak), was born in Čačak, Serbia, in 1979. He is a poet, muisician and painter. Čačak is the winner of the Strings of Light Prize (Strune od svetla) in 2017, which he was awarded for an outstanding contribution to the poetic word in Rock and Blues music. Kralj Čačka is regarded as the best-kept secret in the Balkan music scene. He is often described as the Serbian Tom Waits, but is also compared with Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg. His texts tell of ordinary Balkan people, with whom many can identify. Musically, it is a unique walk through Blues, Jazz and Folk; the images he conjures up are full of socially-engaged commentary. Kralj Čačka has played at various festivals and concerts in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Na Margini. Lom, 2016.

Spustisvetlostna put. Pop Depresija, 2018.
Zemljasnova. Pop Depresija, 2016.

2017: Strune od svetla

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