Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

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Marieke Lucas Rijneveld was born in Northern Brabant in 1991. She is the shooting star of Dutch literature. Her 2018 novel “De avond is ongemak”, published in English as The Discomfort of Evening, translated by Michele Hutchison (Faber & Faber) made Rijneveld famous beyond the borders of her country. The English translation was awarded the 2020 International Man Booker Prize. In the same year, Helga van Beuningen received the Straelen Translation Prize for the German version. Hardly anyone in Germany is aware that Rijneveld is primarily an excellent poet. She has published two highly-acclaimed collections, “Kalfsvlies” and ”Fantoommerrie”. Rijneveld lives in Utrecht and works on a farm.

The Discomfort of Evening, translated by Michele Hutchison. Faber & Faber, 2020.
Fantoommerrie (Phantom Mare), poems. Atlas Contact, 2019.
De avond is ongemak. Atlas Contact, 2018.
Kalfsvlies, poems, Atlas Contact, 2015.

2021: Straelen Translation Prize for the German version of “De avond is ongemak” by Helga von Beuningen
2020: International Booker Prize for “The Discomfort of Evening” (“De avond is ongemak”, translated by Michele Hutchison)
2020: Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize for “Fantoommerrie”
2019: ANV Debutantenprijs for “De avond is ongemak”
2016: C.-Buddingh’Prize for „Kalfsvlies“

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