Mira Mann

Thomas Gothier

Mira Mann lives in Munich and is a founder member of the German Post-Punk band Candelilla and released her debut solo album “Ich mag das” on Problembär Records in October 2019. Since then she has released the single “Komm einfach” and is currently working on a new album scheduled for release in 2022 as well as various solo music projects and collaborations. In 2019 and 2020 Mann also published two collections of verse with Parasitenpresse, “Gedichte der Angst“ and “Komm einfach“. Some of the texts form the basis of Mann’s sound art featuring Spoken Word passages and and experimental alalysis of pop culture forms. Influenced by Mann’s 2017 multiple sclerosis disgnosis, they deal with physicality of the body and the associating imprinting of social experience. Most recently, Mann has created a film project, “Schau mich an” (Look At Me), directed by Jovanna Reisinger, and an EP of the same name is due for release on 21 May 2021.

Publications (selection):
Komm einfach. Single. 2019.
Komm einfach. Lyrik. Parasitenpresse, 2020.
Gedichte der Angst. Lyrik. Parasitenpresse, 2019.
Ich mag das. Album. Problembär, 2019.

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Both the poet and music producer Mira Mann and Rosaceae, a music project of Leyla Yenirce, work aesthetically and in their content with boundaries and borders, albeit only with their artistic and thematic transgression.

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