Pauline Dupuy

Pauline Dupuy © Les Dimanches Matins

Pauline Dupuy was born in France, where she studied music and musicology. But she learned her craft as a singer and double-bassist on the job and sees her artistic work as multi-disciplinary – on the one had she plays in pop groups (Angil and the Hiddentracks, Michael Wookey, chanson Francaise), on the other hand she can be found most recently on the stage accompanying dancers. 

Nearly ten years ago she conceived and arranged the solo concert Contrebrassens, a piece in which everything comes together, in which she could use her knowledge and develop her creativity and personality and put all her ideas into practice. Standing on the stage alone is a challenge which at the same time offers great freedom. Pauline seeks the right energy, the connection with the audience, the pleasure. 

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