Sergei Timofejev


Sergei Timofejev was born in Riga in 1970. He sees himself as a Latvian poet, even though he writes and publishes in Russian and is closely connected with the contemporary Russian poets’ scene. In 2003 he was shortlisted for the Andrej Bely Prize for Poetry, and in 2010 he was nominated for the Russkaja Premija, a prize awarded to authors writing in Russian and living abroad. In the past few years he has published the collections “Siniye malenkiye gonochnie avtomaschini” (Blue Little Racing Cars), NLO, Moscow, 2011; “Stereo”, Orbita, Riga, 2012; “Replika”, Orbita, Riga, 2019; “Onde lunghe” (Long Waves), Miraggi edizioni, 2019; “Morgen im Introvertierten Land” (Tomorrow in an Introverted Land), NLO, Moscow 2020. His poems have been translated into several languages including English, Italian, Swedish, German and Ukrainian.

Morgen im Introvertierten Land (Tomorrow in an Introverted Land). NLO, 2020
Onde lunghe (Long Waves). Miraggi edizioni, 2019
Replika. Orbita, 2019
Stereo. Orbita, 2012
Siniye malenkiye gonochnie avtomaschini (Blue Little Racing Cars). NLO, 2011

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