Rafael Mantovani, Brasilien

© Adelaide Ivanova

Rafael Mantovani was born in 1980 in São Paulo and moved to Berlin in 2011. Graduated in Linguistics from the University of São Paulo, he earns a living as a translator and spends it as a poet.
He’s had poems published in Brazilian magazines such as Modo de usar & Co., escamandro, Mais Pornô Por Favor, Lado7, Rosa, Opiniães, Ruído Manifesto, Posfácio, as well as German ones such as the Stadtsprachen Magazin and Artichoke. His first book, Cão [Dog] was published in 2011 by ed. Hedra and his second one, você esqueceu uma coisa aqui [you left something here], was published in 2019 by Macondo (Brazil), in 2020 by Enfermaria 6 (Portugal) and in 2021 in English as an e-book by violaceous euphoRia (USA), translated by Chris Daniels.
He has performed at several readings and events in Berlin, including Latinale – Lateinamerikanisches Poesiefestival (2013), Poesiefestival Berlin (2017), Printemps Littéraire Bresilien (2018), Unabhängige-Lesereihen-Festival (2019) among others. He currently lives between Berlin and Porto (Portugal).