Claudia Maaß

Claudia Maaß (c) privat

Claudia Maaß teaches, moderates, publishes and organises. After periods spent in Hamburg, the USA and Vienna, she has been living since 2001in Berlin. She studied Philosophy, German, GFL and Film Studies. Is a trained theatre pedagogue and a passionate disseminator of literature. Her main job is and was as a teacher of literature, film and theatre at international private schools in Europe and, until 2015, as a lecturer in Didactics at the Berlin Free University. Since then she has been expolring and enabling the interfaces for poetry dissemination. She is a founder-member and vice-chairperson of the non-profit Poetry Network. She publishes on didactic subjects in scientific journals and teaching materials for disseminating literature and poetry. Her most recent publications are “Verssicherungen? Handreichungen für LyrikvermittlerInnen” (Assurances? Helping Hands for Poetry Disseminators) (2019) and “Praktisch: Lyrik!” (Practical: Poetry!) (2021).

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