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Rosaceae is a music project by Leyla Yenirce. It works with elements of noise and ambient music and uses speech samples and self-written texts that are installed in multilayered and dramaturgically-arranged soundscapes. Rosaceae’s debut album “Nadia’s Escape” was released on the Hamburg label Neoprimitive in 2019, followed by “Efia” from Pudel Produkte and “Ava” on the London label xquisite in 2020, and in Winter 2020 by a collaborative album with Ladonna, also on Neoprimitive. Another album on Pudel Produkte, “DNA”, is coming out soon. Thematically, Rosaceae concentrates among other things on figurations of resistance and confrontation with sound aspects of military, media and cultural dominance structures. Rosaceae’s works have been performed at such festivals as Noisexistance in the Hamburg Kampnagel and Pop-Kultur in Berlin and include audio-visual as well as performance elements.

Publications (selection):
Efia. Album. Pudel Produkte, 2020.
Ava. Album. Imprint xquisite, 2020.
Nadia’s Escape. Album. Neoprimitive, 2019.

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Both the poet and music producer Mira Mann and Rosaceae, a music project of Leyla Yenirce, work aesthetically and in their content with boundaries and borders, albeit only with their artistic and thematic transgression.

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