Roberta Dapunt

Roberta Daount (c) Daniel Töchterle

Roberta Dapunt was born in 1970 in Val Badia in South Tirol, Italy, where she still lives. She writes in both Italian and Ladin. She has published widely in magazines and anthologies. In 2018, she created the poetry section for the magazine “Luoghi dell’Infinito”. Several musical works have been created from her poetry, including “La sacra conversazione” and “Le intime riflessioni”, a cycle for violin and cello by Marcello Fera; “Nauz” and “Vërt tla bocia” (Green in the Mouth), 7 Songs for baritone and piano by Eduard Demetz, and the song cycle “Le beatitudini della malattia” by Rolando Lucchi. Two films about Roberta Dapunt’s poetry have also been produced in recent years, “NAUZ” by Jochen Unterhofer and Florian Geiser (2016) and “Scrivo ad alta voce” (I Write Aloud) by Pier Paolo Giarolo and Antonio Dalla Palma (2020).

Voce del verbo essere umano. Laboratorio di storia di Rovereto. Limited and numbered edition for the 30th anniversary of the unification, 2021.
Sincope. Einaudi, 2018.
CAR(D)O. A Dialogue Between Poetry, Sculpture and Painting (Lois Anvidalfarei, Gotthard Bonell). Catalogue of the exhibition in the Castle Tirol State Museum for Culture and Regional History incl. CD with a recording of la sacra conversazione by Marcello Fera, 2017.
Speech to Language, un discorso semplice – a simple speech. Series “But Language”, Ways through the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 2014.
Le beatitudini della malattia. Einaudi, 2013. (Translated into German by Versatorium. Folio Verlag, 2020).
Nauz. Gedichte und Bilder. Poems in Ladin with German translations by Alma Vallazza. Folio Verlag, 2012.
La terra più del paradiso. Einaudi, 2008. (Translated into German by Versatorium under the leadership of Peter Waterhouse. Folio Verlag, 2016).

2021: Poetry Recommendations for “die krankheit wunder/le beatitudini della malattia”
2018: Premio Letterario Viareggio-Rèpaci in the category poetry for “Sincope”
2012: Poetry Recommendations for “Nauz”

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