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2021-06-16, 8:00 PM

Tolerance as well as intolerance of non-heteronormative sexualities and identities has been on the increase in recent years in Europe. While equal legal status for gay marriages has been successfully fought for in many countries, in others, such as Poland, the human rights of LGBT people are daily being violated and their freedom is increasingly being restricted.

Reading with the poets Jay Bernard (GBR) | Jacek Dehnel (POL) | Eduard Escoffet (ESP) | Anna Hetzer (DEU) | Judith Kiros (SWE) | Hosted by: Ricardo Domeneck, poet (BRA)

How do queer poets respond poetically and politically to the current situation in Europe? Does the experience of a queer body necessarily engender a significantly different, perhaps also more political form of poetics? What role do poetic traditions play? What other concepts and aspects of identity influence their own writing?

Queer poets from five European countries involve themselves on film with these questions. Jay Bernard, Eduard Escoffet, Judith Kiros, Jacek Dehnel and Anna Hetzer read and perform their own work and talk about bodies, poetry and identity.

Curation: Ricardo Domeneck
Project leader: Jutta Büchter

Reading and statements in German and in English, Catalan, Polish and Swedish with German subtitles.

Queer-Bodied Voices acknowledges the kind support of the Swedish Arts Council, the Artists-In-Berlin Programme of the DAAD and the Embassy of Sweden. Presented by SIEGESSÄULE.