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Readings from the young poems and open poems 2021

2021-06-13, 3:00 PM

free admission

This year’s young and open poems classes give us round or oval peeps into and views from their work in twenty-minute Zoom sessions.

Led by poets Birgit Kreipe (DEU) and Uljana Wolf (DEU)

Portholes are useful for watching your surroundings under water and above water, as well as hatches for loading your washing machine and windows for watching the washing go round without interrupting the washing process. Bullseyes mark the target for darts and archery. Then again there are ox eyes, which are similar to bullseyes and are flowers and biscuits that you can dunk in your coffee.

3.00 pm
Amelie Berboth
Sophie Julie Bielke
Alicia Voigt
Lea Bickel

4.15 pm
Lena Riemer
Charlotte Florack
Johannes Rosenberg

5.30 pm
Rashidah Hassen Mohmed
Lili Kirchberger

6.45 pm
Şafak Sarıçiçek
Lisa Starogardzki
Lea Wahode

Project leader: Karla Montasser


Join the meeting on zoom here:

Meeting-ID: 818 6198 5859
Kenncode: 113646


Poetic Education in the 22nd poesiefestival berlin acknowledges the kind support of RITTER SPORT.