Maryja Martysievič

Maryja Martysevich (c) Violetta Savtchits

Maryja Martysievič (in Belarusian Марыя Мартысевіч) was born in Minsk in 1982. In her poetry she makes skillful use of large forms and epic elements. She has developed a poetic language that is an explosive mix of stilted formal language, contemporary slang, archaisms, bonmots from foreign languages and wittily deployed references to popular quotes and idioms. Her poetics builds on contrast and anachronism, allowing her to be polystylistic, extremely serious or entertaining at will, and ironic, even sarcastic. Martysievičs literary and publishing interests are equally varied. She is a connoisseur of Baroque literature, a translator and editor of American cult novels, a seasoned cultural journalist and provocative blogger. Since 2013 she has been a member of the presiding committee of the Belarusian PEN.

Jak pazbycca Mamatuta (Cutting the Cord from Mama). Koska, 2020.
Sarmatyja (Sarmatien). Januškievič, 2018.
Ambasada: vieršysvaje i čužyja (The Embassy: Owned and Borrowed Poems). Knihazbor, 2011.
Cmokilatuć na nierast: ese ŭ vieršach i prozie (Dragons fly to spawn: Essays in Verse and Prose). Lohvinaŭ, 2008.

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