Ulf Stolterfoht

Ulf Stolterfoht (c) Dirk Skiba

Ulf Stolterfoht was born in Stuttgart in 1963 and lives in Berlin. He is a poet and translator. Stolterfoht is a Knave in the Schöneberg Poetry Miners‘ Guild, a member of the Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust, the Darmstadt Academy and the Berlin Academy, and of the improvisation collective Das Weibchen. From 2015 to 2021 he ran the poetry press Brueterich Press.

Publications (selection):
fachsprachen XLVI-LIV. kookbooks, 2020.
Methodenmann vs. Grubenzwang und mündelsichre Rübsal. Winter, 2019.

in English:
Lingos I-IX. Tr. Rosemarie Waldrop, Burning Deck, 2007

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