Teresa Irastortza


Teresa Irastortza was born in Zaldibia in 1961. She took a degree in Basque Philology and from 1983 to 1996 worked at the University in Bergara. From 2002 to 2006, she was President of the Basque Writers‘ Association EIE. Articles and poems by Irastortza have been published in various Basque magazines. In all, Irastortza has published 14 poetry collections. Her first was “Gabeziak” (Haranburu, 1980), and the most recent is “Munduabetetzenzenuten” (Pamiela Argitaletxea, 2015). She has also published three volumes of essays, numerous articles, translations and anthologies. She has won the Basque Critics’ Prize for Poetry twice.

Publications (selection):
Munduabetetzenzenuten. Pamiela Argitaletxea, 2015.
Gabeziak. Haranburu, 1980.

Awards (selection):
2004: Basque Critics’ Prize for Poetry
1980: Basque Critics’ Prize for Poetry

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