Chus Pato

Xoel Gómez

Chus Pato was born in Ourense in 1955 and is a major voice in contemporary Galician poetry. Since 1991 she has published eleven collections of poetry. Her work has been translated into numerous languages, has appeared in dozens of Spanish and international anthologies and, thanks to the translations by the Canadian poet Erin Mouré, enjoys high regard in the English-speaking world. In 2015, Pato was the first Galician poet to be included in the sound archive of the Woodberry Poetry Library at Harvard University, where she can be found next to Elizabeth Bishop and W. H. Auden. In 2017 she became a member of the Royal Academy for the Galician Language. Pato’s work goes beyond any traditional concept of poetry. She uses the most different sorts of text to integrate a great many voices – historical as well as fictitious – into her writing. With each one of her books Pato recasts what we think about the possibilities of poetic texts – about words, bodies, the political and literary space and about the construction of ourselves as individual, community, nation, world.

Publications (in Galician):
Un libre favor. Galaxia, 2019.
Carne de Leviatán. Galaxia, 2013.
Nacer é unha república de árbores. Do Cumio, 2010.
Secesión. Galaxia, 2009.
Hordas de escritura. Xerais, 2008.
Charenton. Xerais, 2004.
m-Talá. Xerais, 2000.
Nínive. Xerais, 1996.
A ponte das poldras. Noitarenga, 1996.
Fascinio. Toxosoutos, 1995.
Heloísa. Espiral Maior, 1994.
Urania. Calpurnia, 1991.

2014: Writer of the Year of the Galician Booksellers’ Association
2009: Spanish Critics‘ Price for Hordas de escritura
2009: Premio Losada Diéguez for Hordas de escritura
1997: Premio Losada Diéguez for Nínive

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