Peter Waterhouse

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Peter Waterhouse was born in Berlin in 1956. He is a writer and the ideally-matched translator of such poets as Gerald Manley Hopkins, Michael Hamburger and Andrea Zanzotto. His work is wide-ranging and breaks the bounds of all genres. It has been called a “triumphant blow against all the dusty old literature of our fathers” (Paul Jandl). In his idiosyncratic texts, Waterhouse sounds out the interplay between memory, word and world, but he is always concerned with the ways in which perception is carried over directly into language and how, conversely, this language determines our perception. “An emphatic seeing drives these texts onward, in which cross-faded images make sense in the literal sense of the word.” (NZZ)

Publications (selection):
Equus. Wie Kleist nicht heißt. Matthes & Seitz, 2018.
Die Auswandernden. starfruitpublications, 2016.
Der Honigverkäufer im Palastgarten und das Auditorium Maximum. Jung und Jung Verlag, 2010.
(Krieg und Welt). Jung und Jung Verlag, 2006.
Das Klarfeld Gedicht. LCB-Editionen, 1988.
Passim. Urs Engeler, 1986.
Menz. Verlag Droschl, 1984.

2018: Heimrad Bäcker Prize
2012: Great Austrian State Prize
2011: Ernst Jandl Prize
2011: Nicolas Born Prize
2008: Literature Prize of the City of Vienna
2007: Erich Fried Prize
2004: H. C. Artmann Prize
1994: Christine Lavant Poetry Prize

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