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Caspian Sea – Is that even Europe still?

2021-06-16, 6:00 PM

Neo-Orientalism and queer Islamic Poetry

Is Usbekistan Europe? Of course it is – if we define Europe as a cultural space and take the Poetic School of Fergana into consideration. Does Islamic-influenced feminist poetry belong to the cultural space of Europe? Sure, if we take the poetry of the Russian-Azerbaijani poet Egana Djabbarova as an example.

Reading & discussion with the poets Shamshad Abdullaev (UZB) | Egana Djabbarova (RUS/AZE) | Nicat Mammadov (AZE) | Kanat Omar (KAZ) | Hosted by: Hendrik Jackson, poet, translator and critic (DEU)

Also in other countries in the Caspian region that is the focus of this event as a magnetic sphere of action, European poetry traditions are being lived and developed further under the influence of Russia and Islam.

What is happening in the literature of the Eurasian cities, steppes and waterways? How do the inhabitants of cities like Tashkent and Fergana (Uzbekistan), Almaty and Astana (Kazakhstan), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Yekaterinburg (Russia) perceive themselves culturally? What literature is being written in this region and in what languages, and what dominating influences are these literatures exposed to?

Reading and discussion in Russian with German subtitles.

Project leader: Alexander Filyuta