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Poetry and self-perception in the Baltic

2021-06-17, 6:00 PM

Where does Europe’s cultural space start and where does it end, if you are looking eastwards from Berlin? In Narva? Yekaterinburg? Vladivostok? What is the cultural self-perception in the north-eastern Baltic?

Reading & discussion with the poets Vaiva Grainyté (LTU) | Maarja Kangro (EST)| Aleksandr Skidan (RUS) | Sergej Timofejev (LVA)| Hosted by: Marie Luise Knott, writer and critic (DEU)

Is there a specifically Baltic identity? And is there such a thing as Baltic poetry? What literature is being written and in what languages in cities such as Kaunas (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia) and St. Petersburg (Russia), and what are the influences to which these literatures are and have been exposed? The poets Vaiva Grainyté, Maarja Kangro, Aleksandr Skidan and Sergej Timofejev discuss these questions and read from their work.

Reading and discussion in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian with German subtitles.

Project leader: Alexander Filyuta

Language Archipelago V: Poetry and self-perception in the Baltic acknowledges the kind support of the Embassy of Estonia, the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Latvian Literature and the Estonian Literature Centre.